Customer Service Tier 2

Client Care Representative - TIER II (CCR II)

The main purpose of this position is to provide the highest quality of customer service to all people that have contact with the hospital.


The purpose of this position is to serve as a Client Care Representative (CCR) at the Hospital, to perform record keeping duties, to perform clerical duties related to animal patient care and treatment, and to provide miscellaneous support to the Client Care Supervisor (CCS) and health care team. This position requires a practical knowledge of hospital organization and services, the basic rules and regulations governing visitors and animal patient treatment, data entry, word processing, electronic communication, and a solid practical knowledge of the standard procedures, veterinary records and terminology used in the hospital.


  • Welcome clients and patients to the practice with a warm and friendly demeanor and provide for their comfort while they are in the practice. This includes greeting clients by name, acknowledging their pet, and confirming the reason for visit.
  • Clean and straighten the public areas of the practice including the front desk, reception area, waiting area, office, public bathroom and exam rooms.
  • Answer incoming telephone calls utilizing proper telephone etiquette. Screen those calls that are handled by other healthcare team members and take care of routine calls. Routine calls include those seeking information about veterinary services. Advise any telephone shopper calling the hospital of the Hospital’s website. Provide knowledgeable sub-professional advice concerning the care and treatment of animals including questions regarding hospital services, fees, animal care and treatment in accordance with hospital policies. Appropriately direct other questions and communication to a veterinarian, CCS, or other healthcare team members.
  • Prepare to receive appointments by retrieving client records from previous hospital(s) and preparing needed forms in advance of clients’ arrival. Complete required forms such as new client form, and obtain all necessary information.
  • Handle emergency situations by following established hospital policies and procedures in referring clients for immediate treatment of their animals when requests are accompanied by complaints of acute symptoms. Determine nature of injury/illness and attempt to reassure distressed pet owners.
  • Follow hospital policies regarding patient admittance. Determine whether immunizations/tests are current. Inform Room Tech of updates before client is brought to exam room.
  • Notify doctors or technicians of patient arrival. Relay all necessary information to the doctors and technicians.
  • Discharge patients, including double checking all charges and entering additional charges into the computer, if necessary. Review the discharge instructions and medications with owner before charging out. Ensure that future reminders and follow-ups are set up in the computer system for the patient and staff.
  • Present and/or confirm client’s medications, instructions.
  • Review the services that were rendered to the pet (verbally itemize the client receipt) and inform client of the total amount due. Assure that owners meet all financial obligations or that acceptable arrangements have been made according to the hospital’s payment policy.
  • Accept payments from the client. Accurately process cash, checks, charge card payments and credit account payments.
  • Schedule appointments for the clinic after obtaining all necessary data concerning the animal and owner. Prepare all required forms such as animal clinical records, health certificates, immunization certificates, lab reports, release forms and euthanasia certificates in advance, if possible.
  • Prepare medications according to hospital policy.
  • Dispense medications including providing routine instructions to owners concerning prescribed medications.
  • Perform over-the-counter selling of pet foods and supplies. Exercise a technical knowledge of products sold.
  • Enter data into the computer system as required. Retrieve stored records, when necessary. Assist in the updating of client/patient files as needed including name, address, telephone numbers and vaccination and heartworm history
  • Retrieve and forward medical records accurately and promptly, when necessary.
  • Organize, file, and maintain patient medical sheets and items to be scanned.
  • Maintain health certificate and rabies certificate files, including sending copies to appropriate government agencies. Maintain and purge medical records as directed.
  • Perform an end-of-day procedure each evening. This would include reconciling invoices and balancing the cash drawer, running end-of day computer reports, preparing the bank deposit and presenting the reports and deposit information to the CCR III or CCS.
  • Prepare and send client correspondence such as thank you letters, sympathy cards and welcome-to-the practice cards. Prepare miscellaneous client correspondence as needed.
  • Make follow-up calls to clients on a timely basis from a call back list.
  • Present Treatment Plans for routine procedures (<$650.00)
  • Performs other duties as assigned, including restocking, cleaning, and assisting with animals.
  • Scan and attach documents to medical files.


The CCR II works under the direct supervision of the Client Care Supervisor (CCS) who will indicate general assignments, limitations and priorities. Recurring assignments are performed independently. Deviations or unfamiliar situations are referred to the supervisor or designated shift manager. Completed work is reviewed for technical accuracy and compliance with established procedures.


Skills and Knowledge:

Knowledge of hospital procedures and operating instructions for making appointments, assembling patient medical records, recording test results, relaying information regarding patient’s condition, and compiling and submitting data on patients treated.

Knowledge of the spelling and meaning of commonly used terminology of veterinary medicine to accurately record results of tests and file veterinary medical reports according to alpha, numeric or subject matter headings.

Personal contacts are with animal owners affected by a variety of problems, visitors and other staff members. Considerable tact and diplomacy is required. Must accurately relay owner’s account on the medical complaint(s) of the animal(s) involved to the healthcare team members who will be involved in treating the patient(s).


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the primary functions of this job. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is frequently required to bend, stand, stoop, walk, sit, talk, and listen; will use hands to manipulate, handle, or feel; will reach with hands and arms. The employee must be able to occasionally lift and/or move up to 40 pounds.


While performing the duties of this job, the employee is exposed to hazards associated with aggressive patients; hazards associated with infected animals and controlled substances; exposure to unpleasant odors and noises; exposure to bites, scratches and animal wastes; possible exposure to contagious diseases.


Employee must be aware of all safety procedures and perform all duties in accordance to procedures.

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