Testimonials for South Novato Animal Hospital Veterinary Clinic in California


Posted 10/19/2016 on Facebook
- Sandra Delfina Trujillo Lopez

Posted 10/24/2016 on Google
- Stephanie K
This is an amazing place . They actually CARE about my dog and my friend's dog. The place is super clean and welcoming. They even have special hours for cats . We have a dog who is doing quarantine to Australia , and they have been super accomadating . Tori , Amanda and Dr Tiffany are angels . They have worked so hard making sure everything is set for this Matey to go abroad . I have a rescue and they are super kind and accomadating to Sir Sulleys needs . To the patient who complained about medication prices ..... this is super unfair to the practice . They are not Big pharmacy . Please write to the pharmaceutical company because they control the price surge . Thank you so much for all you guys have done with our 4 legged family members

Posted 10/03/2016 on Facebook
- Jef L
I wish I could get as good health care as Metz does!

Posted 08/21/2016 on Facebook
- Kathryn K
Took excellent care of our pup Johnny, who was in dire need of dental surgery. And took amazing care of us. Helped us get the insurance forms taken care of, making everything easy and fast. Johnny is a new dog! Thank you all so much. ??

Posted 07/18/2016 on Google
- Amanda W
Very friendly and nice to my kitties. The room has calming music, and treats for the cats. :-)

Posted 03/30/2016 on Google
- Kelly G
The staff at South Novato Animal Hospital are THE BEST! I had been going there for years for my rescue pug Gus. Dr. Koalska was his primary vet, but all the vets and staff are fantastic at what they do! When we lost Gus, they guided us and comforted us. We miss our little boy. Now 2 1/2 years later I'm excited to return to South Novato Animal Hospital with our new adoptee Oscar. I highly recommend South Novato Animal Hospital to everyone I know that has dogs or cats. Staff are truly talented and caring...clearly loving animals and always doing their best for our furry friends/family members' care and well being. So grateful.

Posted 02/07/2016 on Google
- Ruth M
The people are very caring. My experience has been that they are thorough but conservative when recommending procedures and treatments. This is appreciated by both my old friend Murrey and my wallet. I highly recommend this group that truly cares about your furry friend.

Posted 01/09/2016 on Google
- Karen N
We've been going to this highly recommended vet practice since we moved to Novato. About 5 yrs. They are consistently caring and knowledgeable. They have been with us from new pets to old and even through euthanasia. We have a cat that needs ongoing care due to kidney disease, pancreatitis, and thyroid problems. It's a balancing act when he is 17 years old, and they have done a great job of it. All of the staff is amazing and capable and friendly and caring. Everything you could possibly want for the care of your pets!